50 Shoots in 50 States – Jenna Martin Wedding Photographer

It is my absolute dream to travel the world, so why not do it by taking pictures? This year, I’m making it a goal to shoot 50 photoshoots in 50 states. And since I’m going to need your help, I’m offering you a deal: along with my current referral program on my website ($250 credit for each successful wedding referral, $50 credit for each successful senior, family or pet referral) if you make a referral that leads to me booking a wedding (or something of equal or more value) in one of the states I haven’t worked in yet, I’ll give you your own photoshoot for absolutely free. And if you don’t need a photoshoot? Well, I’m sure we can work something out ;).

Here is a map of the country with the pink states representing states I have already worked in. Let the games begin!



Headshots and Yoga – Jenna Martin Senior Photographer

Laura and I used to work night shifts together, so when she asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a quick photo of her for a scholarship application I knew it would end up as more than just a 10 minute photo session! We ended up walking a few blocks around town and she showed off some impressive yoga moves. I swear these are the days that make my job literally feel like a walk in the park :).

This pose is called “floating girl”. Wait…that can’t be right…

All in all (even with some seriously difficult wind) it turned out to be just the break I needed!