About Me


My name is Jenna Martin and I first began shooting conceptual photography in 2012. Since then I have specialized in creating alternate, dream realities through photographs.

I currently live in Billings, MT, though I grew up on the opposite side of the state. I have 2 dogs (Smoltz and Maddox) and 4 cats (Flo, Study Buddy, Tank and Carl), though I’m always on the lookout for a stray that needs a home. When I’m not taking pictures, I’m usually cooking, researching the prices of plane tickets to faraway destinations and participating in general, all-around rule breaking.

I’m also available to teach workshops either here in US or abroad. Simply click the ‘Events’ tab or contact me for more info :).





​And if you’d like to know about me in just a little more detail….. 🙂

– Any problem can be cured by dancing. I swear my entire life is the first 15 seconds of a Harlem Shake video.

– I consider myself a pretty generous person…except when it comes to Junior Mints. Those are mine. All of them.

– I can only watch The Travel Channel in small, supervised doses, otherwise I end up booking plane tickets to faraway locations…it’s a work in progress.

– I see any sign with the word ‘NO’ in front of it as an open challenge. No trespassing?  No touching the display? No boogie-boarding on the water slide? Please.

– I’m an avid cyclist. And by ‘cyclist’ I mean ‘lover of wine’.

– I have a deep, deep love of languages and every summer I dedicate myself to learning a new one. L’estate scorsa ho imparato a parlare Italiano (last summer, I learned to speak Italian).

– I always get two free samples at the grocery store: one for me and one for whoever I’m shopping with. They don’t know I’m shopping alone.

– I’m obsessed with awesomely bad movies. I actually paid money for a movie called Zombie Strippers. On BluRay.

– Odd numbers suck. No idea why.

– Any day now I expect a personal thank-you card from Victoria’s Secret for single-handedly keeping them in business.

– When in doubt, I always go for it.

Now it’s your turn! Shoot me an email or give me call, I’d love to hear from you!


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